Educational Certificates as NFTs

We believe that in the future our digital identity will consist of token assets stored in web3 accounts. In this future we will need to provide a “proof of skill” in our assets to fluently cooperate with others.

IMS Learning Certification Standard

Our educational certificate NFTs store their data based on one of the most recognised certification standards. The Open Badges standard by the IMS.

Privacy Enabled

We allow the recpients of the certificates to encrypt their certificate data and only show the data to whom they choose.

Secure Metadata

Our contracts store a hash of the meta data to be sure the metadata that is displayed is the same as the data stored.

See NFTCerts in action!Test our example Dapp.

In this example the particpate of a hackathon first needs to do a course and display the proof of successfully finishing the course with an NFT certificate.

Test Demo
App screenshot